Increase the efficiency of your digital processes with Agravity GlobalDAM!

Our 100% cloud-based digital asset management system adapts to your requirements. Full scalability and a globally distributed infrastructure makes it possible. Share relevant data between systems that are far apart or even from different vendors.​

Agravity GlobalDAM Features

Effortless integration / Consistent API-first

Agravity GlobalDAM is designed for optimal integration with your existing system architecture. All functions are available via REST API. Integrate your inventory systems with minimal effort. SSO included!

Flexible structures and metadata

Our flexible metadata model allows you to map your company's established structures and processes in a targeted manner. Agravity GlobalDAM supports and adapts to your requirements, not the other way around!

Global availability / 100% cloud native

Our SaaS solution guarantees worldwide availability, 24/7. On demand, Agravity GlobalDAM comes with a globally distributed infrastructure. For optimal access speed - worldwide.

Copyright management

Never lose track of the copyrights of the assets you use! Agravity GlobalDAM offers everything you need for a worry-free use of your data.

Single Tenant

Our single tenant solution offers all the advantages of the cloud, combined with the flexibility of a customized solution. We cater to your needs!

Easy sharing

No more email attachments! Make selected assets available for download to your external partners and customers, or send them a secure upload request.

Increasing data volumes

Agravity GlobalDAM acts as a central repository to manage your (large) multimedia content. Don't waste any more time worrying about insufficient storage space. We offer unlimited storage, at a low cost.

Data security/backup

A well-secured back-end, seamlessly integrates with your infrastructure. With single sign-on via your Azure Active Directory, we maintain your security standards. Cyclic backups and redundant storage, keep your data safe.


Agravity GlobalDAM scales automatically and flexibly with usage. High load scales up - low load scales down. All components are designed for global use with minimal latency.

Image editing

The integrated image editor allows you, among many other functions, to crop, resize and output images in different formats directly in the DAM.


Extensive conversion options allow you to convert your images, videos, audios and documents into the formats you need. We are happy to integrate additional conversion tools.

AI Integration

On request, we enrich the metadata of your images with AI information, recognize objects or faces, extract texts from images or use smart cropping for automated image rejections.

Efficient retrieval

Use the full-text or faceted search, one of the many filter options or simply navigate through your hierarchies. In any case, you will find your data quickly.

Proof of use

By centrally managing and delivering your multimedia data through Agravity GlobalDAM, you know where your data is and stay in control.

More and more channels

Deliver channel-specific derivatives automatically and publish your assets centrally. We provide a CDN out-of-the-box for efficient delivery.

Central data storage

Only one global data repository for your marketing, product, and sales data. Dissolve your data silos. This creates data security and supports consistent brand communication.

Modular backend

Our serverless, microservices-based approach, offers full flexibility. Each microservice works independently, can be customized and combined with others in any order.

Green IT

For the sake of the environment, we follow a green IT approach. Through load-dependent resource usage, minimal basic consumption and serverless system architecture, we keep your carbon footprint as low as possible.


Our usage-based pricing model is ideal for companies of any size. The solution grows with you!

Full responsive

Our front end is designed for 100% mobile device support. So you'll always have your assets at your fingertips.

Targeted use

Control your approvals centrally in Agravity GlobalDAM.


Store, switch, or manage different versions of an asset, whether it's an image, video, audio, document, or any other digital asset.

Time controlled availability

Control the availability of assets. Have assets automatically removed from the website after copyright expires, or show assets only at the beginning of your campaign.

Use case optimized user interface

Our powerful backend allows the connection of different frontends. Create your 100% optimized user interface for your use case! Or choose one from our portfolio.

Each to his own

Frontend of your choice

Our extensive REST API offers everything you need. Build your own frontend on top of our backend. We secure and take care of your data!

It´s all about the users

Use Case driven approach

Our application was built to make your life easier. Use all, or just some of our microservices. Combine them as desired to find the right solution for you.

Light weight & secure

Fits into your infrastructure

Use your existing Active Directory Users. Make your IT happy!

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